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Pendle Witch to exhibit her paintings at The Fitzrovia Gallery

Joe Hesketh works in the Pendle area of Lancashire where she was born and still lives, and practices witchcraft herself: “I’ve always done bits of spells - it’s well wishes. People from the earth using herbs for good luck. I like to call it orange witchcraft, because it’s not black or white.”

Many of the large scale oil paintings feature herself, often depicted unflatteringly as a voluptuous “balloon headed” clown, in an environment rich with symbols of potential harm and criticism. This is her way of dealing with her inner demons and self doubt, a technique that while keeping her on the edge, creates images that are both beguiling and subversive.

Joe explains: “My paintings are all about life’s journey, all the pieces you pick up and all the things you’d like to throw away..My mission is to create a visual diary of self discovery, self realisation and self direction. I don’t think that anyone would get it all as I see it, they get bits, and that’s what I want them to get. But it's not a gloomy process, I have great fun making my paintings".

Joe’s paintings are both disturbing and amusing, and she manages to tread the narrow line between poignancy and tragedy. She has a dynamic and engaging personality, characteristics that come across in her imagery, but there is a dark side as well.

“Joe Hesketh is obviously a character and it shows in her large and brazenly sensuous paintings ... a cheeky rudeness, brave flaunting of sexual intimacies, and also an undertow of vulnerability.” (The Guardian)

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